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We are a non-partisan, non-political policy and development research and training organization incorporated in Kenya as a not-for-profit company. We work around the synergies between science, technology, innovation (STI) and entrepreneurship. Our work and existence is inspired by one fundamental question: why don’t individuals, enterprises and countries use the existing stock of science, technology and innovation knowledge for decision-making and wealth creation? In other words, why is poverty, hunger and disease on the increase in Africa despite the enormous investments and advances in science, technology and innovation?


Our emphasis is on understanding the barriers to the adoption and use of STI knowledge for wealth and employment creation. Our work focuses on three possible barriers namely: (i) Policies and legal frameworks that shape the incentive structures for the application of science, technology and innovation (ii) Institutions including the rules, norms, attitudes, habits and mindsets that shape how people view and respond to science, innovation and entrepreneurship; and (iii) Capabilities i.e. the skill sets – including the technical, organizational and managerial skills – required to turn science, technology and innovations into businesses and social enterprises